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Tax Billing

One of the most significant projects that our office handles each year is the calculation of property tax bills and the annual tax abstract. In 2018, we completed our tax abstract work more than two weeks earlier than the prior year. It was the earliest tax abstract since 2011! Completing our work on a timely basis means that the County Treasurer can have adequate time for on-time mailing. But our work isn't just about getting the tax bills out on time. Our priorities include in-house sampling of tax bills for accuracy, proofreading, and applying appeal decisions and other last-minute changes prior to releasing the tax data to the Treasurer's Office for bill printing.

Auditor outlines impact of tax rates and homestead credit

Auditor: Property tax bill calculations completed

Disabled Veterans 

In early 2017, we launched an in-house research project aimed at identifying veterans who might qualify for the Totally Disabled Veterans Deduction under a revised state law. Our project included searching five years of tax records to help identify disabled veterans who used to have the deduction, who were then disqualified, and who might now be eligible again. Here are two news stories about this important project:

Auditor Launches Project to Assist Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans May Qualify for Tax Deduction


So much of what we do in the Auditor's Office cycles into the next stage in local government finance. We have made it a priority to complete our projects on a timely basis without compromising quality. Here are links to articles about our efforts to meet deadlines:

Tax Money Arrives Early in Porter County

Porter County Among First 30 in Indiana to Certify AVs

Outreach and Education

We have made public outreach a top priority, maintaining ongoing communication with local government units and providing tax and budget information to the public at large. Here are a few articles about our outreach efforts:

Auditor Urbanik to host Coffee with the Clerks

Urbanik to meet with local clerks

How tax rates and assessed values affected property tax bills

Tax rates down in most of Porter County

Tax rates lower in Duneland

County Auditor announces Saving Money art contest for kids

County Auditor hosts tax workshops on disability and veterans benefits, college planning

Campaign News

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